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September 10, 2006
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DragonFly Hunter by belbe DragonFly Hunter by belbe
...literaly speaking! :giggle:

well, another doodle. This one meant to send a teacher'o mine who asked me to paint her a cat over a year ago... mahn! am I late? no really! am I?

The cat's a Norwegian Forest Cat and the dragon's just a design I've imagined and wanted to paint for some time.
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Gosto muito das cores, ficou muito fixe
lol i have this one to
i also love it
the drandons so cool and the cat is awsome
fogo... tanto tempo k n postas algo X)
ta mts d fofo ^_^
e ja tou a trabaiar no seguinte! hehe! s bem k vai demorar bo pk mete arquitectura e eu tenho p a regras e xquadros... oh well, mas vai valer o xforo... xpero! :excited:
entao s como eu....ja viste a ironia do destino? sou estudante de arkitectura! XD
tal sou tola...devia ter ido para belas artes...mas axei k n tinha talento suficiente pra isso....bem...ade ser o k deus kiser.....depois eide fazer kkr coisa aver com iso ou assim...n pa n dizer k n sou nada na vida XD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii...k piada....
This looks really good, the cat is to die for. I get shivers when I glance at the fur! It looks really natural. The crossed paws disturb me a little bit, but the dragon is such a great addition that it completely distracts me from the paws. Great dragon desing indeed, and given its apparent small dimensions, you've added an amazing detail level. The cross between butterfly wings and dragon wings is awesome too.

Have you ever played Panzer Dragoon? (The original, Zwei and specially Azel?) If you haven't, you should. Great dragon artwork: and they're not your common dragon. Check out this link if you're interested: [link]
thanks! I'll look into it! I never played it though I think I saw my cousin playing it once, but I really don't recall the dragons, :giggle:
about the crossed paws, what's the prob? he just tried to snach it with both paws and when he missed they crossed, that's usually wa happens when cats miss a target teddy mouse or a string... maybe I should've added some blur to it to depict movement, but he's already in a still position and I never thought it'd look weird to other ppl, sorry :shrug:
Technically, the paw part is perfect: it just disturbs me, it's something I can't really explain. I guess it's because I'm not used to see cats with their paws crossed in mid-air, possibly because they move really fast when falling back so that they land on their "feet". But don't take it the wrong way, i'm not saying that they're a mistake, they're not! It's just me, nothing more.
no prob, I just thought I ought to explain my reasoning =D

btw, I looked into the link, the dragons are preety cool and darn original :wow:! I'm not likely to draw one in the genre but just cos I'm more into drakes, you know, lighter looking, I was never much for heavy looking creatures, like all armored or large boned, I like spikes, sleek bodies and aerodinamic lines :love:
nocturnis Sep 11, 2006  Student Photographer
Oh, I like this. The little dragon is so unique, whether it's because typically dragons are huge or simply the design of him. The cat is great work, as well.. Norweigan Forest cats are gorgeous and I think you portrayed that nicely.
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