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Featurless Knight by belbe Featurless Knight by belbe
Well here it is at last, the first of my fantasy painting collection-to-be... after seing Jim Warren's house walls covered in amasing huge fantasy creations I decided to give it a try... it's not nearly as perfect as I'd wanted it to be but I'm quite happy with the result: This is the first time I've ever painted a landscape, the first time I've painted water, and also the first I've done something at night!
I'll try ta have a huge version available for printing... hope ya like it, constructive critics highly welcomed!

This is an "Unknown Depths" scene with my 2 characters, the Featurless Knight Anlaf, a specter, and the huge beast, Ayamokoseed, the forest guardian.

toolz: color pencil, watercolor pencils, 'n brushes.

Unknown Depths (c) 2001-2004 Ana Maçanita
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SketchedExistence Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Student General Artist
Wow... For painting a landscape/water/night scene for the first time, you did a great job. And your forest guardian is stu
deadwarrior666 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
amazing beauty
Sorazblack Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2007
wow, this is amazing and beautiful and cool and I love it! Fave:D
PMF Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007
hey pa oO

'ta brutal!

vais levar 1 favzito =P

ja poe aqui os teus trabalhos! é 1 comunidade 5* =D
MelodicInterval Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
i love it >_< the horns on the forest guardian are super cool :) usually people would put like a unicorn horn and your design is way better :)
lovesfantasystuff Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2007
hehe i have this pic on my wall!!!
tis hell of a good for ur first try at all those things
gos i dunt think i could do that in a million years lol
well heel of a god job on it
JustJuiicy Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007
this just amazing and beautiful...nice work
aurora-crow Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
CardinalFang Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
Have you ever played the LucasArts game "Loom"? Cause that reminds me alot of the main character Bobbin Threadbare. =P
belbe Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006
hmm... nopes, only saw the movies except for the last one.
CardinalFang Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006
the game's awesome. you should look it up.
Love your artwork by the way!! =P
dapejn Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2005
That's so sweet in full view :)
Justaminute Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2004
WOW! This is amazingly beautiful!! I love it!!! :+fav: :) :hug:
Drakenborg Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is very beautiful and impressive! I am amazed by the scenery, the trees and the eclips! Gorgeous work!
furious-angels Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
:wow: this is amazing im lossed 4 words gotta hav it as a fave, just absolutely amazing
Aerythes Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2004
The forest guardian is awesome! Majestic and beautiful :)
Zhou Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2004
ups..queria dizer...está um excelente trabalho...tas de parabens :)
Zhou Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2004
excelente...lindo msm :D
foi um excelente trabalho...
noody666 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2004
Its amazing!
Very well done!
Looks so beautiful! :+fevlove:
bongoshock Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
KJKKLJ!!! the lighting! the comp! the subject!! GORGEOUS!!!!
nunomarques Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2004
reparo k fizeste uma grande e boa ivoluçao desde este work ate o teu ultimo final.
n odiando este, claro k n, axo k os actuais draws k tens, tem a sua tecnica mais apurada
mesmo assim
gostei deste
e por isso dou t o meu :+fav:
belbe Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
eu não evolui mto deste para o último, simplesmente este tá feito a lápis e os outros a photoshop, o k ajuda boé na definição do detalhe ^^U não posso por zoom no papel, nem fazer undo (um dos meus melhores amigos XD)
nunomarques Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
acredito, o undo, e o meu Deus :P
e o History tb :P
Gwyneria Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. Very impressive. I really like the fantasy aspect of your artwork. You are a VERY talented artist. :D I think that you did awesome with the water and every other part of it but I think you need to work on your grass. (LOL I'm one to talk !!)

Gwyn :heart:
belbe Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2004
yeah, true! I'd never painted any scenarios before, I do need to learn a LOT ^^U
vortexrage Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
absolutly gorgeous painting, the horse is just.. wow
jimzip Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wow. Very nice composition and use of colours, and the lighting effects are great.
Also, the figure near the moon is silhouetted very well.

Jimzip :D
LethalK-9 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
It's awesome! A black mage riding a white nightmare...
garfield101 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow beautiful thats all i can say. reminsd me of gandulf. why is the character a little small?
arch-alexiel Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2004
critics?... critics???? all I can do is :worship: :bow:

+ fav and plus devwatch....
JCPOC Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that horse looks amazing...
Shentel Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
horsey!! this is amazing :O_o:
LinAt Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
That's amazing...
So beautyfull, so... I dont even have the words..
:+favlove: :+fav:
morose-beatitude Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2003
:+fav: <----that's all I can say.
KalamadeaSidhe Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2003
wow! That is amazing! Simply amazing!
Hameed Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
That is truealy beautiful, you are a gifted artist. :)

bliz Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003
wow! that's awesome, reminds me about LOTR :) +fav
excaligar Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
É preciso muita paciencia. Não deste toques em computador?
belbe Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003
computador? nah, inda ia dar mais trabalho! lol! mas este até nem foi preciso mta paciência, "Only a child" deu mto mais trabalho pk foi feito ao pormenor do pixel! lol ^_^ e o facto de alguns lápis que tenho serem aguarela facilitou um kado! :boogie:
designnrg Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
WHOAH!! You are so talented! wow. That is some great art. keep it up + fav
ShadowDragon8 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
If anyone should be thanking anyone I shuld be thanking u!!! This is a truly creative piece that I couldn't help putting into my favs!!!! Its just soooooo 0_o...peace easy!
Eloquent Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2003
This is so amazingly beautiful. It would be a perfect print too. I love the way you've done the moon, and the draconic/airborne figure flying over head turned out very nicely.

You've done an excellent job with the background details, like the trees, the moss, the waterfall, and of course, the actual water itself where the equine is splashing through.

And the equine. Oh! The equine! The equine os detailed so amazingly. The horns are a truly wonderful addition to the picture. The colors actually look like he/she is glowing in the moonlight.

And as for your "featureless Knight", his clothes are perfect! The folding, and the shading...everything. It just blows my mind.

I guess all I really meant to say was AMAZING!

I'll be adding this to my favs.
dokj Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
You´re too good for me............
I´ll die of an envy atack..... :)
Really damn good one.......
Adrienne-Dagg Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003   Traditional Artist
O_O you did this with pencils!! *falls to your feet* You are a god! *Fav* ^_^
sharkbyte3827 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
wow, this looks amazing this looks amazing
kawaiichiisaioni Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
That's freakin' amazing! So incredibly beautiful, definetly +fav. Your ROCK!
bonbon-chan Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
Whoa... O_O;; This piece inspires me to try Painting.. although, my paintings would look like they were done by a three year old.. -_-; I love the water.. and the horse (Who couldn't love the horse man!) . The moonlit forest reminds me of something my character Canna would live in! Great job!!^_^

khaamar Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
thiz is so deeply gorgeous!!
it was a lot of time since ya posted up something - but it was worthy to wait! ^___________________^
gosh! I adore thiz!!!
chiyoko Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
CREDO!!! O____O Que coisa linda!! A luz está um espetáculo, o ambiente é de delirar, e toda esta arte está PERFEITA! A besta alada (:?) está linda e o espectro então... =P A pose dele está mesmo linda, e o ambiente nocturno é de uma perfeição inegaulável; as árvores e o lago, a floresta, por assim dizer, está muito, muito profissional. Sinceramente, eu não vejo falhas, talvez hajam, mas custa-me MUITO a crer!!

Parabéns, está com uma qualidade altí ssima! :clap:
renard Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003
UOU... as cores ficaram um maximo!!! Esta excelennte MESMO..
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